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Senior Swingers Spain

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The quickest way to get support for any issues with the contact site is to raise a support ticket with the helpdesk.


If the helpdesk cannot resolve your problem you can escalate to us using WhatsApp or Telegram messenger on +1 506 784 7337. Please do not contact us before raising a support ticket, as we cannot escalate issues until the helpdesk has investigated your issue.

Voice Calls

Sorry, but we do not answer voice calls as in the past we have been swamped with people making "dirty calls"

Your Webmasters

We are JoJo (Joanne) and DirtyDavid. JoJo has been in the swinging Lifestyle since 2000, David since 1974!

We build swingers contact websites and run swingers socials, swinging parties and swing holidays.

We enjoy meeting and playing with our members when possible. We used to live in the UK until 2004, then we lived in Spain until 2019. Since April 2020 we have been living in New Brunswick in Canada.

We don't send out pictures to people, we had so many requests we didn't have time to respond to everyone. We built a website where we posted a lot of our photos and talk about what we like to do and how people can meet us. It is free to use at www.joanddavid.com