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The Most Important Rules in Swinging

No, Always means NO.

You can say NO at any time when involved in swinging activity. The other person or people must stop whatever they are doing or they will be commiting a Serious Sexual Assault.

Only do what YOU want to do.

Do not attend any swinging event as a ticket. Never do anything that does not appeal to you or give you sexual satisfaction. You are involved in the lifestyle for your own fun, not just to give others fun.

Only play with people you are attracted to.

Only get involved in any sexual situation if you are attracted to the other person/people. You are supposed to enjoy yourself.

English Speaking club in Guardamar

besos swingers club, guardamar, Alicante, spain
Posted by JoJo 1st February 2021

Swinging Etiquette

We have been in the swinging scene for more than 50 years between us, and we have noticed that as the number of people in the scene has been increasing, so has the bad bahaviour.

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Posted by JoJo 1st February 2021

Swinging Party Etiquette

Attending your first swing party or a swingers club for the first time can be an exciting but scary event for many. Here we have put together a few tips on how to ensure you have fun.

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Posted by JoJo 1st February 2021

Swinging Contact Etiquette

Please respond to all e-mails you receive from respondents. They will have spent time plucking up courage to write to you and thinking how they can get noticed by you...

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